Charity Christmas Run in Narva

The Charity Christmas Run in Narva is a run in costumes: all participants have to wear a Christmas decoration, costume, or hat. The goal of the event is to raise money for organising events for the children at the Narva and Narva-Jõesuu...

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Alutaguse Marathon

The Alutaguse Marathon is part of the Estoloppet series. The marathon is in the classic style with distances of 20 km and 40 km. This ski race has become increasingly popular over the years both with the locals and skiiers from abroad.  The ski...

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Cross-country bike marathon at Alutaguse

Alutaguse rattamaratoni toimumispaik on Alutaguse Puhke-ja Spordikeskus Pannjärvel. Rada läbib suurema osa Alutaguse suusamaratoni rajast. Lisaks kaunile Kurtna maastikukaitseale saab rattasõber kogeda ka teistsugust maastikku - pea peale...

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Burning Stone Bike Race - Estonian Cup 2019

The course of the marathon offers the cyclist almost everything – lakeside root singles of Kurtna nature reserve, winding forest and ski trails, a bit of gravel and turf tracks. The track will pass by Kuremäe Convent that is one of the main...

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Narva Energy Run (Narva Energiajooks)

The Narva Energy Run (Narva Energiajooks) includes a 7 km run, walking/Nordic walking and a 21.1 km run. The running trail goes along the streets of Narva, passing historic bastions, fortifications, the Alexander's Cathedral and many other...

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