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Vaivara historical trail

The Vaivara historical trail winds its way from the ‘blue hills’ to Mummassaare beach. The marked trail is 15 km long and will provide hikers with an excellent overview of local nature and history. A shorter, 8 km route can be taken in the ‘blue hills’, where a key World War II battle took place. You will see places associated with the war along this trail. The trail is marked by blue rings on the tree trunks, with maps located at Lastekodumägi, Grenaderimägi and Tornimägi hills and in the Mummassaare car park. Did you know…? *The part of the historical trail that stands out most to the naked eye is Mummassaare beach, which has restored trenches and bunkers *You can book a guide to take you along the trail

Features and amenities

Length/Distance 15
The equipment
Information boards
Drop Toilet
Recreation area/picnic ground
Viewing platform
By public transport
By excursion bus
Sealed access road
By car
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Sinimäed (Blue Mountains)

Vaivara Blue Hills Museum