30.06.2018 15:00 - 00:00
Address Kanali tee ,Alutaguse vald
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Vasknarva / III Lake Peipus Festival 2018

Lake Peipus Festival is a cultural landing ship which sails from the northern end to the south along the ports of Lake Peipus. Passengers will be able to see Lake Peipus in a more exciting way. The ships loaded with culture arrive at a new port every day during the festival and every day, different workshops, boat trips, and concerts will be carried out which introduce the cultural heritage and nature of Lake Peipus in addition to Estonian folk music. The catering at Lake Peipus Festival is provided by undertakings and people in the Peipus area. Guests can enjoy dishes, snacks, and drinks made from local raw materials. Come and try the tastes of Lake Peipus.  

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