By bicycle


When cycling from Tallinn, we recommend turning from the Tallinn-Narva highway to the coastal road at Liimala. Cycling along the cliffy coast, you will enjoy beautiful views of the sea and the fortresses, estates, the roads are traffic-friendly, and the road quality is good. There is also a EuroVelo bicycle route along the coast.

Visitors from Tartu have the opportunity to ride along Lake Peipus to Vasknarva and turn from Vasknarva to Jõhvi, going all way up the Jõhvi-Vasknarva road or ride along the Tartu-Jõhvi highway and take a bypass to Iisaku, Kuremäe, Mäetaguse Manor, etc.

Wheelchair users may explore the adventure land as we have put together some of the example routes – find them HERE