Visitor centre is multifunctional cultural hall which includes exhibition area, conference rooms & facilities, cafe, reception & information desk, resting area, rooftop terrace and etc. The newly renovated visitor centre is placed in the old sorting factory. Architecturally evaluated building has interactive exhibitions placed on 5 different floors and also in watchtower.  We offer to our guests multilingual services and guided tours ( Estonian, English, Russian & Finnish )

The underground museum consists of former mining gears with a total length of 1 kilometre. At the museum, equipped with miner’s helmet, lamp and clothing, it is possible to take a look at miner’s work places, the former underground mining technology, the miner’s train and the explosive storage as well as listen to the amazing stories and facts that the tour guides are telling about the exposition.

Besides the exciting adventure under the ground, the Estonian Mining Museum offers various interesting tours both on the territory of the mining area and farther.

  • Visiting the oil shale sorting premises and the watchtower
  • Looking for fossils present in oil shale and limestone layers on the gangue hill
  • A hike or a cycling trip to and on the hiking and learning tracks in the re-cultivated areas of the Aidu quarry
  • Viewing the cross section of oil shale layers and how the “moonscape” of processed areas are re-cultivated in the Vanaküla oil shale quarry