Address Keskväljak ,Jõhvi vald

Jõhvi promenade

Promenade begins at the border of the city of Jõhvi, passes the centre of town and ends at Jõhvi Concert Hall. The most appealing part of the promenade meant solely for pedestrians is in the centre of the town; it has cafés, cranberry lamps and chairs as well as fountains. Promenade also passes by Jõhvi Mihkli church and museum, a children's playground, a monument to General Tõnisson, Promenaadi Talupood (farm shop) and Kaljo Kiisk sculpture. The total length of the promenade is about 2.5 km.

Features and amenities

The equipment
Wheelchair accessible
Free parking
Site lighting
By public transport
By excursion bus
Sealed access road
By car


Crucifixion of Our Lord church, Jõhvi

Jõhvi Concert Hall

Jõhvi Concert Hall

Jõhvi City Gallery

Jõhvi Concert Hall