SPRING NEWS in Ida-Viru county!

Narva Museum is paying tribute to WORK! and offers a lot of new things this spring.

 *Inspired by vast heritage, Narva Museum created an excursion package “Paying tribute to work!” that introduces unique places and architectural pearls in Ida-Viru County as well as its living conditions and history. You can also take a look at the famous Kreenholm and power stations with the “light blue lagoon”. Designed specifically for groups, but can also be adjusted to a smaller company.
Total of 7 different excursions of 1-1.5 hours at the fee of 100-150 euros.
For more information see: http://narvamuuseum.ee/est/kreenholm/


Just as it is not easy to get inside the castle, it is not easy to get out of the castle either. If you are visiting the defence structure for the first time, this task could become particularly difficult. But what happens if you are also locked between the old walls...

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 ‒4 people can participate in one game. Participation fee for the game is 35 euro. For more information see: http://narvamuuseum.ee/est/narva-linnus/teenused/muuseumiprogrammid/




Toila SPA opened a Clay Room and offers a new package for creative people. Besides the comfort of the SPA you can have fun  creating new and interesting clay things every day in the Clay Room. Clay Room activities are for adults and children from the age of 14; younger children are expected to be accompanied by adults.  The package starts from 2 days with arrival on Sun, Mon, or Tues.  Price: 56 €/a day

Accommodation in  a double room
Dinner on the day of arrival, 3 meals during the stay, breakfast on the day of departure, unrestricted use of the thermae, swimming pool and gym.
working in the Clay Room


Aroma room, 3 procedures per each day. For more information, see the link:

For more information see:http://www.toilaspa.ee/news/et/meil-on-savi

NB! If you would like to participate only in the Clay Room activities, the introductory price is - 2€/making of 1 item




The rule of the thumb is: it’s better to come without a necktie than to have a necktie with a poor knot. How the knots were done throughout history and how to end up with a correct and nice knot? We teach you just that during this programme. A useful programme for young men who respect themselves and for young ladies who want to impress their men! Especially helpful for those who are awaiting their graduation ceremony in spring. We welcome you with friends (max 15) starting from the middle of April to struggle with tie knots.  Spare 90 min for yourself and it takes only 30 euros per company.


For more information see:http://kukrusemois.ee/kulastajale/meie-programmid/




A day tour to Ida-Viru County shows its current state, a bit of history and also its future prospects. On a day trip you will pass famous industrial landscapes: Kiviõli semi-coke hill, Aidu quarry, Kohtla Mining museum ... and finally as the most breath-taking stop – Auvere Power Plant. New and old constructions and buildings stand side by side – the highest chimneys in Estonia, a new oil shale factory, powerful pipes for removing ash, an ash plateau and a brilliant green alkali lake.

Contacts: priit.oravatalu@gmail.com or fb Priit Orav.



Everest Kiviõli hostel offers different trips this season, and a meal at the Forest Restaurant that will be an excellent treat at the end of the trip.  
Forest Restaurant knows the art of preparing and serving food in nature very well. The interior changes with the changing seasons, and genuine and authentic food (partially cooked on open fire) is delicious. No plastic cups, plastic tents or garden chairs. Groups start from 15 people

For more information see:http://everesthostel.ee/attraction/1155/


A´ la carte and group menus, special seasonal offers (in agreement with local Narva fishermen). Simple beer chamber will start working in the cellar hall with a fireplace. In the summer, the outdoor terrace with the best view in the Baltic countries is open. At least 100 people can eat at the same time. Master chef - Indrek Kõverik. Opening is planned for June.