Address Jõe tänav ,Narva
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Narva River Promenade

The River Promenade is about 967 m long and situated on the river bank in the historical heart of Narva. In the east, it borders with the Narva River; in the west, with bastion walls and the Hermann castle; in the north, with Narva harbour; finally, in the south, with Joaorg recreational area. The promenade is in the immediate vicinity of the border between Estonia/European Union and the Russian Federation. The promenade is interesting due to its thematic areas: * The Swedish terrace is a recreational area for families; it has lion-shaped attractions for children. * The Dahlberg stage is an outdoor stage. * The Sun square has a summer café, a fountain and a small pool for children.

Features and amenities

The equipment
Information boards
Pets allowed
Recreation area/picnic ground
Wheelchair accessible
On foot only
Sealed access road
Families with kids


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