Address Pimeaia tänav ,Narva

Dark Garden in Narva

This is Narva’s oldest park, an example of park architecture from the end of the 19th century. Located on the Bastions. There are two memorials in the park and its environs. The first is the iron cross erected on the Victoria Basion in 1853 in memory of the Russian soldiers that died during the Siege of Narva in the Great Northern War. The second memorial marks the graves of soldiers that died in the War of Independence in November 1918.

Features and amenities

The equipment
Recreation area/picnic ground
Wheelchair accessible
Free parking
Site lighting
By public transport
By excursion bus
By car
Budget travellers


Casemates of the Bastion Victoria in Narva

Narva Bastions

Narva River Promenade

Hahn's staircase