Address Koidu tänav 10,Narva-Jõesuu
Phone +372 56451641
Mobile +372 4440038

Restaurant Franzia

Restaurant Franzia is like a separate world. Smoky and gingery flavours, the secrets of Estonian and Russian cuisine, and music which does not depend on the guests, but the chef – if the chef listens to their favourite music, they are in a good mood. If the chef is in a good mood, they make even better meals – meaning that in the end, the guests still win. The restaurant sells gourmet food products and craft beers to go. If you let us know in advance, we can also prepare food for vegans and those suffering from allergies, as well as put extra seats in the restaurant.

Features and amenities

Inside 40
Outside on the terrace (in summer) 40
Group catering
Kids' menu
The equipment
Pets allowed
Wheelchair accessible
Paid parking
Free parking
By excursion bus
Sealed access road
By car
Card payment


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