Address ,Kohtla vald
Phone +372 3364914

Saka Cliff Hotel restaurant

Perched on a clifftop overlooking the sea, the two rooms of our romantic restaurant are perfect for receptions, family events, celebrations and wedding receptions. A new restaurant is also situated in the basement of the Saka Guesthouse - a cosy dining room with arched ceilings with seating for 50. Next to this is the Small Hall, which is perfect for get-togethers ranging from birthday parties to business lunches and special occasions for two. This room will seat up to 15 people. In summer you can enjoy our menu on the manor's terrace.

Features and amenities

Inside 70
Outside on the terrace (in summer) 16
Group catering
Kids' menu
The equipment
By excursion bus
Sealed access road
By car
Card payment


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