Summer in Ida-Viru County 2016



In the end of July, Purtse Brewery in Purtse Fortress starts making handmade beers.

You will be able to buy and drink beer between these ancient walls at the restaurant in Purtse Fortress. It will also be possible to taste special brews.

The restaurant at the fortress will offer some new dishes in the menu in summer. The local food will be offered, and mainly the dishes cooked from the fish caught at local Purtse harbour.



A fair is taking place near Purtse Fortress on 24 July, within the frames of the Open Farm Day.

Local craftsmen, food manufacturers, farmers will take part in the fair. Children will learn a lot of interesting things about different pets. There will be workshops both for children and adults.

At the brewery, you will be able to buy and drink handmade beer as well as listen to beer stories. Purtse Volunteer Rescuers and Uhtna Mandoline Orchestra will also take part!




You will get an idea after you meat the chef Indrek Kõverik. Indrek has many different titles, including

a multiple champion of Estonia in making Barbecues, baking and grilling the whole pig. He enjoys genuineness and is an advocate of local food. He does not have any preferences among national cuisines, but rather prefers the European classics.  Indrek believes that cooking must be simple, and main focus should be on ingredients.

He is the founder of Kuldse Notsu Kõrts and Kikka Kõrts. He has provided catering to the guests at the President's reception on the anniversary of the Republic twice, and the last time President Ilves was very excited about lynx snacks (in Estonian "ilves" means "lynx").

Rondeel Restaurant opens in June.




Mäetaguse Manor Hotel & SPA in cooperation with  chef Rene Uusmees from Mekk restaurant are inviting you to taste the new a'la carte menu.

In our summer menu, the main stress is on salads, fresh vegetables, fish, and berries.

When putting up the menu, we kept in mind the forthcoming season and the general preferences of our customers. We are also trying to stick to the "less is more" principle, which means that our selection of dishes in the a'la carte menu is quite short, but very attractive.



Rose soap of the Rosens and the Landlord´s bag with drawstrings


Mäetaguse Crafts House offers two workshops:

Rose soap of the Rosens and the Landlord´s bag with drawstrings.

The workshops are inspired by the history of Mäetaguse Manor and the family of the Rosens.

 Mäetaguse Crafts House, +372 53089408

Medieval Festival in Narva Castle and the Northern Yard on 25-26 June


The festival will be devoted to a specific year - 1346, when the German Order bought Narva Castle. The whole festival will be staged in this particular year. At the festival, there will be strolling musicians dressed in medieval costumes and theatre performances. In the evening, there will be the concerts of medieval music and dance workshops. Besides, visitors will see the military camp just the way it was in the olden times. In the playground, children will be able to play military games and conquer the wooden castle.

One of the partners in organising the festival is the largest medieval club in the world "Teutonic Order" with its headquarters in St. Petersburg and branches in Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, and Finland. About 100 people will come to the festival as well as the members from local hobby clubs.

 MUSIC OF SEVEN CITIES from the sea and the seaside on 5-10 July


This year the largest summer music festival in the county will be taking place for the 18th time.

The initial idea of the festival - seven days, seven concerts, seven cities - has changed throughout the years, and a large summer event has turned into an exciting music week in beautiful concert venues all around the county from manor houses to the Palaces of Culture from Stalin times.

Owing to the local cooperation partners, the entrance to some concerts will be free.


Other enjoyable events in summer will be

the NIGHT CINEMA on the basis of the books of  William Shakespeare, which will take place in Narva Castle on 12-14 August, 


THE SEA, MUSIC AND ANCIENT LIGHTS on 27 August on Toila Beach.


Kukruse Manor Park is getting the first beautiful park pavilion and benches

The construction of the pavilion is going to start soon, and its grand opening will take place in the first week of July. The pavilion will give the new look to the park and will be a suitable place for holding romantic weddings, a nice place to relax for visitors, a pretty venue for photo sessions, a place to study for children from schools and kindergartens, and why not become a concert venue.

The opening of the pavilion will also lay the foundation for this year's Theatre Summer. You will be able to watch the performance "Kui seda metsa ees ei oleks" on 3-14 August.

Who missed the performance last year because the tickets had been sold out, will be able to watch this Chekhov-style love story, which is full of humour, feelings, human longings, and also a bit of tragic pain, this summer. And, of course, it is filled with music, because the story is about the baroness von Meck and her devotion to the composer Tchaikovsky. The performance is in Estonian.  The performance stars such brilliant actors as Ülle Lichtfeldt, Eduard Salmistu, and Madis Mäeorg. The director is Eili


Who said that Ida-Viru County is boring?

Everest Kiviõli Hostel is inviting you to enjoy an adventure together with your friends and colleagues. The hostel offers different trips both on land and water.

Scooter-trips - cool, funny, and environmentally-friendly. You can go anywhere by scooter if there is a bike trail and an amazing view. The length of the path is 11 km, and the duration of the trip is 2-5.5 hours.

Bog-shoe trips - doable for everybody, take place all year round. They take place at Uljaste bog, the length is 5-6 km, and the duration is 2.5h. The trips start and end at fire sites, where visitors can park, eat, share their impressions and enjoy the warmth of the fire.

Water trip at Aidu fjords or at Purtse River - river kayaking is the type of entertainment that is filled with emotions and impressions and offered from early spring till late autumn. Kayaks are stable, fast, comfortable, and safe. The duration of the trip is 12 km and 3 h.

More detailed information about the trips is available at





Sidecarcross World GP, Quads European GP, Hillclimb EST Open, Enduro Sprint EST Open, MX Late-Night Supercross, Mopeds EST Open.

Live bands, fun activities, and street cycle show.

The organizers of the events are planning to offer numerous attractive packages with SPAs and hotels to fans and tourists as well as provide recommendations as to how to get to Kiviõli.

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