Right here in Narva, you will find Joala Street, where the Kreenholm Manufacturing Company used to operate. Here, between Estonia and Russia, in the dried up riverbed, is an island, on the both sides of which the river of forgetting – Narva waterfall – flows twice a year.

This factory is the best place to tell the story of the thunderous music industry of the USSR and the controversial fate of its most brilliant star – Jaak Joala. It is the best place to hear the immortal songs by Joala and admire the rhythms of the band 'Radar'.

However, this story is not simply about Joala. It is a generalisation of a whole Pleiad of Estonian musicians – the so-called nightingales of Kreml – who made sure that the entertainment industry survived in the Soviet Union and enjoyed their fame.

In Narva, Kreenholm Manufacturing Company, 21 Joala Street
10 August 2018

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