Kurtna matkarada Kurtna järvestikus - Ida-Virumaa ja Eesti suurim järvestik kus asub 42 järve

Kurtna hiking trail

The Kurtna hiking trail starts and ends at a parking lot with a fireplace site  near Lake Nõmme. A marked trail forms a part of the Kurtna Landscape Conservation Area and introduces a variety of plants, landscapes, and lakes. In total, the trail is 4.5–5.5 km long and along the way, you will pass 12 interesting locations and lakes. Rest areas and fireplace sites have been established along the trail, where you can swim if you wish.
Interesting facts:

– Kurtna Lake District, located in Ida-Viru County, is the largest one in Estonia. 42 lakes are located in the 30km2

– The nearby Alutaguse health and sports centre offers a variety of sporting possibilities (cycling and motoroller paths, and skiing tracks).


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Alutaguse vald, 41209, Ida-Viru maakond

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24 hours

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