Ekspositsioon "Nõukogudeaegne Sillamäe" - Ida-Virumaa ühes salastatud linnas


The Soviet-Era Sillamäe

‘Soviet-Era Sillamäe’ is an exhibition in a Sillamäe Museum branch at the Sillamäe Cultural Centre.
The exhibition is located on the premises of a former bomb shelter. You can explore everything related to the Soviet era, starting from the portraits and busts of leaders and ending with school uniforms and dried corn.
If booked in advance, you can go on a tour of the Cultural Centre, representing the Stalinist architecture, as well as a city tour of Sillamäe (for an extra fee).


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Kesk tänav, 24, 40231, Sillamäe, Ida-Viru maakond

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