142 - Peipsi and Narva river bicycle route

Estonian Power Plant – Sirgala – Vaivara – Sillamäe – Päite – Voka – Toila-Oru – Kotinuka – Jõhvi – Ahtme – Pannjärve – Kuremäe – Remniku – Jaama – Kuningaküla – Poruni primaeval forestIn addition to a number of adventures, Ida-Virumaa also has some fascinating terrains. One way of getting to know the terrain is to take a trip down route 142. If you start your journey from the Estonian Power Plant, you’ll mostly see industrial terrains and man-made nature in the first part of the trip. The destination is Sillamäe, where the Stalinist architecture is definitely worth taking a look at. Up until Toila, the trail runs along the sea. The sights to see here are the high cliffed coast and the Oru park in Toila.
From the coast, you’ll be headed to Jõhvi and through Ahtme to Pannjärve, then you’ll ride along forest roads through the Kurtna Lake District and arrive at the Kuremäe convent, which is one of the most famous tourist sights of the area. It is followed by a longer stretch up to the coast of Lake Peipus in Remniku. Enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of Lake Peipus and then set off to Narva river. The route ends in the exotic Poruni primaeval forest.
This entire route is very varied and offers a mix of experiences. The length of the route is 140 km and gravel roads make up about 50 km of it.
It’s best to begin your trip on this route not from one the endpoints, because those might be difficult to get to, but rather from Sillamäe, Jõhvi, Pannjärve or Remniku. By train, you can reach the route through Jõhvi or Vaivara stations, for example.



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