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Ida-Viru County of Spas challenges Pärnu

The number of hotels providing facilities for enjoying sauna and water centres equals with the number of spas in the spa capital Pärnu. A desirable option can be chosen among seven spa hotels, which provide for the needs of those seeking for peace and quite or holidaymakers with children.  

The construction of new spas and the extensions of the existing ones is in progress and Ida-Viru County is among the leaders.

In four spa hotels there are equal facilities for holidaymakers with children and for those seeking for a quiet oasis. 

Compact and stylish 

The Mäetaguse Manor von Rosen spa there are six different saunas in the Bathhouse and the Backroom, complemented by a 25-metre pool, a massage pool, a bubble bath and a children’s pool. The water and sauna centre is loved by families with children, who value air and water temperatures above the average; and in the compact spa it is easy to keep an eye on kids while enjoying the Jacuzzi at the same time.

The Bathhouse and the Backroom are hidden in a very special building – a former glasshouse, which appearance has not changed much since the time of the Manor. Brick walls and the attractive glass façade give the Mäetaguse Sauna Centre a peculiar appearance and its facilities try to catch up with the clients’ needs. 

“Every household needs some renovation once in a while because the so-called product curve plummets and clients lose interest in coming here,” says  manager of the Mäetague Manor von Rosen spa Hotel. “Water and sauna attractions attract both – adults and children.” 

Investments are made also elsewhere

The fact that construction and extensions are permanently required because clients expect novelty was confirmed also by Jaak Pruunes – the manager of the Toila SPA Hotel.

It was in Toila, where the first thermae were opened in 2005 and two years later a luxurious wellness-centre Orhidee (Orchid), targeted only to adults, was opened. The latter greets its clients with the slogan: “Doors to paradise are always open for you!” When being tired after sauna, take a rest on a folding-chair placed in the glasshouse decorated with luscious tropical plants and boost yourself with fruit and hot drinks. During a darker season you may choose chairs placed under the sun simulator.

Toila SPA welnesskeskus Orhidee

After the recent extension there are seven saunas in Orchid. People looking for contrasts can first choose the 40-degree Japanese bathtub, and after that take a dip in an “ice-hole”, where water is 10ºC. The ticket to Orchid includes entrance to the thermae and the swimming pool and seven saunas, one of which is located on the roof-terrace.

Impressive sauna and pool facilities are available also in the Noorus SPA Hotel located in Narva-Jõesuu. The Noorus SPA have the biggest entertainment and water centre in the area. Water entertainment lovers are expected to enjoy six slides and the so-called slow-flow river.

The youngest member of the spa family in Ida-Viru County is the Noorus SPA Inn, which belongs to the same hotel chain, having a small area for saunas and pools.

Under the open sky 

The Narva-Jõesuu Medical SPA is focussed on medical tourism and has created its sauna world, including interior saunas, hydro-massage baths and pools and offers the clients a Japanese Ofuro bath under the open sky. During the summer season an exterior pool is open on the terrace.  

Narva-Jõesuu Medical Spa outdoor pool

Major restoration work has been completed in the Meresuu SPA Hotel comprising a water and sauna centre with ten saunas. In the steam sauna, heated with wood, on the exterior terrace it is possible to have a whisk procedure and take part in a spirited steam sauna ritual. Aroma and salt rituals are also regularly conducted. The newest sauna is the birch sauna.

Meresuu SPA & Hotel
Meresuu SPA & Hotel

In the yard there is a bathtub with cold water and a hot bubble bath for clients. A novelty located under the roof is the Himalayan salt rock sauna and the infra red sauna, which sessions are included in the price for the visitors of the sauna centre. The Meresuu water and sauna centre has significantly invested in cosy lighting and private relaxation areas. There is a pool with fun attractions for kids and a separate pool for bathing babies. 

A small and cosy water and sauna area is also in Saka Manor, which does not have a wide choice but focuses on privacy. During the warm season the so-called sea spa is at hand as it is available also in other spa hotels of the Ida-Viru County. The only exception is the Mäetaguse Manor Hotel von Rosen, located in midland, from where the distance to Lake Peipus or the sea is more or less equal.


Journalist of newspaper “Põhjarannik”

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