Ida-Virumaa yacht marinas and small harbours

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Toila harbour

Toila harbour is located on the northern coast of Estonia at the mouth of the Pühajõe River. The eastern side of the territory of the harbour borders a beach and is not separated from it. On the right bank of the Pühajõe, there is the Oru park landscape protection area of the harbour. The territory of the harbour is 35,000 m2. The water area of the harbour reaches from a pedestrian bridge at the river mouth of Pühajõe to the end of its eastern pier; the size of this area is 9,500 m2.

At the inner side of the pier on the left bank of the river, there are three quays with a total length of 180 m. Toila harbour and its territory belong to Toila Rural Municipality. The harbour is managed by Toila Sadam that is an authority administrated by Toila municipality.

Narva-Jõesuu harbour

Narva-Jõesuu harbour is located at the mouth of the Narva River. There are 10 berths for visiting yachts, with a waste collection point and other harbour services available nearby. There is also a border point and passport checkpoint at the harbour.
Did you know:
*The harbour can accommodate vessels of a maximum length of 24 m and a maximum draught of 2.2 m.
*It is the last yacht harbour within Estonian waters on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea.

Narva harbour

The yacht harbour in the city of Narva is 14 km upstream of the mouth of the Narva River. There are 20 berths for visiting yachts, with electricity, drinking water and other harbour services available.
Did you know…?
The harbour can accommodate vessels of a maximum length of 24 m and a maximum draught of 2 m.
The harbour has its own café, sauna and workshop.
The Narva River forms the border between Estonia and Russia: approaching the eastern bank may lead to complications.

The passenger ship Caroline, which cruises between Narva and Narva-Jõesuu during the summer season, also departs from the port of Narva .

Caroline in the port of Narva

Vasknarva sadam

Vasknarva Harbour is located on the northern shore of Lake Peipus at the junction of Lake Peipus and the Narva River. Vasknarva Harbour with a water area of 6,000 square metres has 32 berths and a slip for launching boats. 250 m of shore protection and new communications ensure convenient use of the harbour. There is a moorage for 16 guest vessels. The harbour also provides the service of winter storage, i.e. the vessel is lifted out of the water and stored or left by the quay in a winter apartment. The harbour has a gas station that serves both land and water vehicles.

Vasknarva Monastery and the ruins of the Stronghold of the Livonian Order in Vasknarva are in the immediate vicinity of the harbour.