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Narva has historically been one of the most important towns in Estonia, being today the third largest city after Tallinn and Tartu. Here one world ends and the other begins. Narva has history, energy, tastes and experiences. Take one day and come discover the 4 + 4 route city. While you are there, you will realize that you want to come back soon and bring four friends with you.

In Tallinn, jump on the morning train that arrives at Narva 9:44. From Tartu, pick the right bus or drive by car. By the way, the taxi within the city limits is 2.50 euros – wherever you go! In addition, it is also possible to reach Narva by water, i.e. there four ways that lead to Narva.

Head towards the Narva College of Tartu University at Raekoja plats 2. The best way to do this is to walk along the renovated Narva River Promenade, watch the sunrise from the east, move from under the Sõpruse Bridge to the historic Old Town of Narva.

The Town Hall building itself and the college building are the ones that welcome you in the Old Town. Have a look at the Town Hall building and college premises.

After a delicious breakfast, it’s time to head to an exciting history lesson. Underground discoveries await you: the excursion is offered by the unique Victoria Bastion casemates with the entrance from Pimeaia street.

After getting acquainted with defence systems, history and colonies of local bats, the best time is to fix the body at the Rondeel restaurant at Narva Castle, at Peterburi mnt 2.

After a nice meal, you may set off for the next adventure in historic Narva. Enter the 700-year-old Narva Castle next to the restaurant and learn even more about the history of the world, Estonia and Narva. There are enough activities in the castle for every member of the family.

Having spent energy on climbing up and down the fortress tower, now you need something for the soul. Take a tour of two Narva pearls, i.e. churches. First, find Kiriku Street 9, where the Narva Alexander Church locates. It has been the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church since 1881. In addition, the church tower can be accessed by lift, and upon reservation you can get acquainted with the video installations under the dome of Narva Alexander Church – the “Heaven above Narva”. After walking in heights, take a walk to the Narva’s second pearl, the Lord’s Ascension Church, which is the Orthodox Church in Narva at Bastrakov 4.

There is never much culture. Cultural centre ‘Vaba Lava’, opens a cultural yard in the summertime. Being there, it is easy to choose between a visit to a theatre or cultural event in the ‘Vaba Lava’ premises or walk towards Kreenholm, which means crossing the historic railway. There the district welcomes you, which can also be called another Narva.

After an uplifting cultural experience or a longer walk, it is best moment to take the time off. The greatest thing to do so is to enter The Irish Embassy Pub. The Irish have invented the best match between spending time and relaxation. The pub has Narva’s largest selection of draught beers and the Irish menu. Or have a good time at the tapas bar Valge Kõrvits ( White Pumpkin).

It is comfy to spend the time before catching your coach or train. But why not just opt for one more night in Narva. We recommend the  „Narva“ Hotel. Or continue the journey to Narva-Jõesuu with the river ship Caroline

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