Bike routes in the Land of Adventure - Ida-Virumaa

Bike routes in the Land of Adventure

The northern coast of adventure land is Estonia’s most beautiful coastal area. Just riding a bike, you can enjoy the vastness that opens up from the highest shore in Estonia. The 55 m high shore alternates with sand and rocky beaches and ends up in Narva-Jõesuu, the longest seashore in Estonia – 12 km long beach, wide, boasting the really fine sand. The end of the route (or the starting point) is the frontier town of Narva. There are many attractions on the route: manors, nature, mysterious boroughs waiting to be explored.

The southern part of the adventure land is sparsely populated Alutagusemaa with its suramens and bogs and the longest beach in Estonia – about 37 km of the northern shore of Lake Peipus. There is a separate world between the suramens – the Pühtitsa Convent with 120 nuns. And then there is Vasknarva, that seems to be located at the end of the world. Just twenty kilometres away from Peipsi, the unofficial capital of woodwork in Estonia, Avinurme, is home to a number of exciting sights on earth and underground.

Wheel routes can be conveniently started where the train stops. NB! However, if you plan to ride a bike in Ida-Viru, make sure to read the new rules valid at Elron, according to which transport of bicycles on train is forbidden on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

1. A bike ride on the beautiful north coast

Püssi-Tulivee-Purtse-Saka-Valaste-Toila. Approximately 50 km in total. Start from Püssi railway station (or from Jõhvi station in the opposite direction).

A pleasant bike ride can be achieved by combining a hike with the train. A suitable start may be made from Püssi station. The adventure begins in the direction of Püssi ash mountains, which the locals call “the father and son”. Next, the road takes you to Lüganuse. The ride is worth taking to see a beautiful Lüganuse church with the round tower. From there you can cross the river to the Purtse. Crossing the Narva-Tallinn highway you will soon reach the Liimala beach, where the Tulivee centre and the Purtse Marina are located. From the port, cross the river to the Purtse Castle and get back to Narva Road. Cycle 7 km along the highway, turn to the coast again at the Aa Manor. Now you get to the most beautiful coastline of Estonia that goes along the high seaside, which leads out of Sakala through Valaste to Toila.

Dining sites: Purtse Fortress and restaurant Von TaubeSaka ManorValaste CafeToila SPA restaurant and grill, Toile Mereresto.

Accommodation: camping in Tulivee centre, Saka ManorValaste Holiday Village, Toila SPA Männisalu camping, in Toila.

Other accommodation opportunities: Karukella Holiday House, Hostel Everest in Kiviõli, Tuhamäe hostel and holiday house, Tulivee Hotel, Saka Manor HotellToila SPA HotellMeretare  Villa, Valgevilla apartments in Toila


See the route map here

Video of beautiful lime-stone cliffs


2. Bike ride on the beautiful north coast vol. 2

Toila-Sillamäe-Narva-Jõesuu-Narva Total distance 60 km. Finish at Narva railway station (or start from Narva station and finish at Jõhvi station)


Starting from Toila village you will find the most beautiful place in Estonia – that is what the Toila-Oru Park was named in “Huvitav Žurnaal” in 1936. The Pühajõgi Valley with almost 30 m high shores gives the park a hilly relief. From the park through Voka, you get back to the high shore road and the Päite cliff.

Turn from Vaivina road to the Narva-Tallinn road. Riding by road you can reach the town of Sillamäe. The Sillamäe phenomenon is not understood until turning into the heart of the town, stopping on the stairs of the Cultural Centre and enjoying the view of the promenade. We strongly advise you to visit the Sillamäe Museum; also, why not go by bike to the museum’s search “The Best Worker of the Secret Town“? You have to return to Narva Road to get from Sillamäe to Narva-Jõesuu. Just 7 km along the highway and on the right hand you are welcomed by the Museum of the Blue Mountains which features great war history. To get to Narva-Jõesuu, ride a few kilometres down the road again.

The Narva-Jõesuu resort town offers a pleasant cycling trip – you can try cycling even on the beach, because the sandy beach here is perfectly suitable for the purpose. Narva-Jõesuu centre is only 15 km from Narva. Ride to the harbour, where the beautiful riverside promenade, the bastion line and the Narva fortress begin. Finally, sit down and take the time off in a genuine Irish pub in the heart of Narva – right on the Narva ring.

We recommend you the following dining sites: Toila SPA Mio Mare restaurant and grill, Meloodia restaurant, Kuurort restaurant, Franzia restaurant and M.Chagall restaurantThe Irish Embassy PubMuna Cafe

Accommodation facilities: campsites and campings: Toila SPA Männisalu camping, Pühajõe Holiday House in Toila.

Other accommodation facilities: Toila SPA HotelMeretare VillaValgevilla apartments in Toila, Meresuu SPA Hotel, Narva-Jõesuu Medical SPANarva Hotel


See the route map here



3. Hike in the Alutaguse suramens and in the area of ​​Peipsi

Jõhvi-Kuremäe-Vasknarva-Kauksi-Avinurme-Iisaku-Mäetaguse- Estonia Mining Museum. Approximately 180 km Start at Jõhvi railway station in Kohtla station (or vice versa) The route of Lake Peipus is a trip largely arranged in the wild nature and away from settlements, while the hiker in Kuremäe gets into the biggest nunnery in the Baltic States, gets to know the fullest river in Estonia – at the starting point of the River Narva – in Vasknarva and the fifth largest lake in Europe, Peipus (Peipsi in Estonian).

Starting from Jõhvi you will get to Jõhvi Promenade and from there you can ride along the brand-new light-traffic road to Kuremäe and then to Vasknarva. From Vasknarva you can ride along the coast of Peipsi to Kauksi beach, where there are campsites and campings. Going back north, ride through Iisaku, where you will find the Valdjala parish museum. On the way to the north coast, it is a good idea to stop at the freshly renovated Mäetaguse Manor Complex. You can finish your trip in Jõhvi or visit the Estonia Mining Museum at the end and board the train at Kohtla-Nõmme station.

Accommodation facilities: Wironia Hotel, Kauksi Holiday Houses, Kauksi Holiday Village campings, Remniku training and recreational centre, Guest House and campings of Alutaguse Holiday and Sports centre, Mäetaguse Manor Hotel, Mining Museum’ Hostel

We recommend you the following dining sites: in Jõhvi – Georgian pub MiminoIisaku Peetri Pizza, Mäetaguse Manor Hotel’s restaurant Rosen, Alutaguse Holiday and Sports Centre Cafe, Kauksi Holiday Village Cafe

See the route map here

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Saka-Ontika-Toila, Valaste, 41557 Ida-Viru maakond, Eesti