Singing sands of lake Peipsi

Kauksi rand
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Did you know that there is a magical place in Estonia where the sand makes wonderous sounds and where nature and music merge into one? This place is called Peipsimaa. Imagine walking barefoot on the sand, each step followed by mysterious sounds and melodies. The singing sands of Peipus are a unique phenomenon where wind and sand work together to create extraordinary sounds.

Kauksi liivarand Peipsi ääres

Charming Nature

In addition to magical sounds, the singing sands of Peipus offer the pleasure of beautiful sandy beaches and spectacular views. Estonia’s largest lake offers visitors a lot of joy in discovery and experiences, as well as the feeling of being in touch with the rhythms of nature. The northern shore of Lake Peipus, located in Ida-Virumaa, is also home to Estonia’s longest sandy beach, nearly 33 km in total. Among summer vacationers, the most popular place to visit is Kauksi Beach. Along the edge of the beach there is a lovely beach promenade with recreational and playing areas, as well as the Kauksi Rannahoone, where you can enjoy light beach meals on the terrace of the newly opened Rannahoone. The adventurous ones can try stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, or taking a boat ride along the waves of the lake.

Kauksi uus rannahoone
Kauksi Rannahoone (beach centre) near lake Peipsi.

Mystical Experience

The singing sands of Peipus are more than just a sight; they’re an experience that will stay in your heart for a long time. Being there on the spot, you will experience something unforgettable and understand how magnificent and powerful our nature can be.

📸 Capture the moments! Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone, because you definitely want to capture these magical moments! Share your photos and videos of your vacation on Peipsi and inspire others to visit this unique place!

Tüdruk jalutamas Kauksi rannapromenaadil Peipsi järve ääres
Kauksi beach promenade near lake Peipsi in Ida-Virumaa. Foto: Hetkeline

Photos: Ida-Viru Tourism Cluster

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