Sinimägi War Museum – history with human faces

Vaivara Sinimägede muuseumi hoone

Vaivara Sinimägi Museum, located on the battlefield with the most casualties in Estonia, is small, but despite its size, great things are done there. The most recent outdoor exhibit is an authentic tank. The exhibition house located in the barn of the former Vaivara manor and the exhibition it contains are dedicated to the harsh […]

All-year round fascination


I am writing a post glorifying the beauty of Toila Oru Park in its most beautiful place – in the location of the castle that once rose above the Pühajõgi River and above the sea amidst the largest landscape park – feeling the approving look of its last owner Konstantin Päts. The first president of […]

Lammasmäe sauna marathon charges with energy

The trump card of Lammasmäe Holiday Center is a sauna adventure. Let’s just say that this is not a sauna sprint – you have to set aside hours to enjoy the sauna world in the middle of nature. Ida-Viru is an adventure land and in order to supply new experiences, the best new adventures aren […]

The most magnificent national symbol of Estonia

 Let it be noted that this story tells of many most-most things. In the case of the Saka-Ontika-Toila bank, we can speak of the highest and longest continuous section of the Baltic Klint. On top of that, the most picturesque road in Estonia decorates the limestone wall here. There is no evidence in the literature […]

Estonian East smells adventure

Narva promenaad

Ida-Viru county has been advertising themselves as a land of adventure – no wonder the first  adventure festival, a 3-day Seiklusfest, is going to be held here for the first time ever. Although, no one prevents you from entertaining here the remaining 362 days a year as there are plenty of opportunities, including SPAs, tasty […]