People of Ida-Viru treat with local and international tastes

Restaurant guide White Guide 2022 recommends five peculiar eateries in Ida-Virumaa. In addition to the five-star five, there are many other high-quality restaurants, cafes and pubs. Aivar Hanson, the content manager of the White Guide restaurant guide, stated that a lot has started to happen in the food market of Ida-Virumaa.  “In the past, people […]

Explore the longest sandy beach in Estonia

Peipsi järvel rüsijää mäed

Although the sandy beach, dunes and pine forest create ideal conditions for holidaymakers to enjoy summer pleasures, the northern coast of Lake Peipsi (or Peipus) was discovered as a summer resort relatively recently. But now holidaymakers are not eager to let it out of their embrace. There are sea resort people and lake holiday people. […]

Valaste – the Ice Kingdom and the jungle

Valaste juga Ida-Virumaal talvel

The section of limestone wall from which Valaste, the highest waterfall in Estonia falls, resembles a layered dessert, where grey and brown layers are interspersed with green and blue. The ’Layered dessert’ looks most spectacular in a glass – then the layers appear in all their glory. The waterfall and the ledges of Valaste offer […]

The oil shale industry and Ida-Viru witch wells

Ratva nõiakaevud kevadise suurvee ajal

Ratva witch wells in Alutaguse municipality, which have been bubbling since 2018, offer competition to the ancient Tuhala witch well in Kose, in Harju County. The water play from the ancient times of the Tuhala witch’s well can be observed from one day to a few weeks, when the underground river of the karst area […]

Saka – the pearl of the coast

Saka Mõisa härrastemaja

Saka manor, which is located on the limestone coastal line, still witnesses the nostalgic descendants of the last owners of the estate, representatives of blue blood, who appear here from time to time. But everyone who comes here may be sure that they will be treated like nobles. The estate complex in Saka is, of […]

Experience luxury at the manor hotel

Mäetaguse Mõisahotelli Vaikne sauna Tagatuba 18+

The former owners of the Mäetaguse manor, the von Rosens, admire their former possessions from the clouds above, but their name lives on as a sign of continuity: the visitors of the manor hotel are greeted by a three-colored cat, lady Miisbeth von Rosen. Of course, only if there is a small break in her […]

Waterfalls to every taste

Valaste juga talvel

Ida-Virumaa has both the highest and most powerful waterfall in Estonia, but also a range of more modest streams, which have nothing to do with the record book, but which are still worth discovering. Unfortunately, the most powerful waterfall in Estonia, the Narva waterfall has no water and it comes to life just on few […]

Kreenholm manufactory

Kreenholmi manufaktuur

A tour of the Kreenholm manufactory helps to feel how large-scale the textile industry once was and raises the question of whether the heyday can really be repeated. The Kreenholm area is only reachable with a tour or on special events. From May to the end of October, the Narva Museum organizes guided walks every […]